Spending time together

Since Kaanas’s parents were here for Thanksgiving Kaanas and I decided to have them watch Mingli while we went out on a date the night before Thanksgiving.  We decided to see the new Hunger Games movie.  We waited until we were done cooking and I had gotten Mingli to sleep to buy the tickets, so we ended up with a showing in Imax because it was the next showing.  I had never seen a movie in Imax, but as soon as I walked into the theater I realized that seeing a movie in Imax should have been on my bucket list.  The screen was so big!  Kaanas liked it because there was a scary part and I held onto his arm.  He says we should see scary movies more often.

It was so fun being out on a date just the two of us.  I worried about Mingli a lot, and when I got back I found out that he had woken up and wouldn’t go back to sleep, but they had taken care of him and he was ok, but it was nice to be away with just Kaanas.  I love Mingli, but sometimes I need to be away from him with just my husband.  It is hard sometimes being a wife when I am a mother.  Mingli takes so much of my attention and energy, and I am ok with that.  He is a baby and he needs me, but I am trying to still nourish my marriage.  Kaanas is important to me, and sometimes we both need time when all of our attention is focused on each other.  I am glad we got that for a few hours.


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