Flying home

So it has been a few days, but I wanted to write about my flight home.  It went better than my flight down in some ways, but not as well in other ways.

Because of a delayed flight I had about a 3 1/2 hour layover in  Huston, Texas, which was a little frustrating.  During the layover Mingli got hungry, so I walked about for a while trying to find a place that I felt comfortable feeding him.  I asked an employee if there was a place I could nurse my baby and he suggested the family restroom.  I did not want to nurse Mingli in a bathroom, but I had seen bathrooms that have a small room off the side with a rocking chair in them, so I decided to go look.  Nope, the only place to nurse there was in the stalls, which I was not going to do.  I was glad I went to look, though, because as I was coming out I saw a small sign that said there was a nursery up the elevator.  I asked an employee who was walking by what it was, and she didn’t know, neither did the supervisor she asked, so I decided to to up and check it out.  It was a small, private room that had two decently comfortable chairs and a crib.  This was so nice.  I loved being able to just relax with my baby for a while, and Mingli was able to take a little bit of a nap.  I know some people don’t like the idea of having to hide in a separate room while they nurse, but I really appreciated this room because I would not have been comfortable with people walking by me the whole time I was feeding Mingli, and he would not have fallen asleep as easily.  This room would also be great for babies who are really distracted eaters.  I wish more of the employees at the airport knew about that room, because all three of the employees I talked to didn’t even know it was there.

Unlike on the flight down to visit my family, on the way home I was able to have my stroller.  This made it a lot easier, especially with the delayed flight.  Mingli and I spent a while just walking about the airports, which Mingli enjoyed.  Then we rode on the train between terminals for a while, because Mingli liked the motion and thought it was fun to look out the window.

On the airplanes I had the whole row to myself the whole way home.  The first time I was not supposed to have the row to myself, but the man sitting beside me offered to move seats so I could have more room to spread out with my baby.  Having more room made it easier because I could put blankets on things on that seat, and Mingli laid in the seat for a little while playing with toys while I held on to him.

Overall it was a pretty good trip.


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