Autism Questions

Q: How can i make communication with an autistic person more effective?

A: There are several things that help me a lot.  First is to actually say what you mean.  I have a lot of trouble getting it when people hint at things.  Saying what you mean does not mean you have to be rude.  For example, I like talking to Kaanas at night as we are laying down to go to sleep.  Sometimes Kaanas is really tired and needs to sleep because he has been working, so he will tell me that he wants to listen to me but he is too tired to pay attention, so he asks if we can finish talking in the morning.  That works a lot better than him just hoping I will notice that he is getting tired.  It also helps a lot when people are patient.  I have trouble communicating, and so when people are patient about me needing a little more time to say the things I want to say it helps.  For some people with autism any kind of figurative language is difficult, so avoiding that might be good.  The best advice I can give, though, is that if you know someone with autism pay attention to their individual communication needs.


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