Mingli’s first zoo visit

Yesterday we took Mingli to the zoo for the first time.  I was sad that Kaanas wasn’t here to see Mingli’s first zoo visit, but he said it was ok and Mingli didn’t even pay attention to the animals anyways.  Mingli loved walking around and looking at everything, but the animals were mostly too far away for him to notice.

At one point we went into a bird house, one of those places were you can actually feed and hold the birds.  We took a picture of one of them on Mingli’s arm, then one of the birds bit my dad and made him bleed, so after that I didn’t want the birds touching Mingli.  He wanted to touch them, though.  These birds were his favorite animal and he kept trying to grab them.

After the bird house we went to the carousal.  I sat Mingli on one of the animals that did not move up and down and stood beside him.  He did not like it very much, he started to fuss, but I moved closer so he was actually leaned against me and as long as he was against my body he seemed to feel safe.

They had a petting area at the zoo, and I thought Mingli might like that because he would be closer to the animals, but he did not.  One of the goats licked his arm (we washed it very well with soap after), and that scared him.  The animals were too big and wanted him to feed them.

All in all it was a fun trip.


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