First solid foods

My family has a different approach to giving babies solid foods.  Root beer should be given to babies almost as soon as they are born, and Cheetos are good once they are a few months old.  Ever since I got here I have been fighting to keep them from giving Mingli any foods.  Last night I finally gave in.  We were at a steak house and my grandmother ordered some steamed carrots.  Everyone wanted to give him food so much that I agreed that if they could get the carrots mashed well enough they could feed Mingli some carrots.  I was told that steamed, mashed vegetables are the second best food to start babies on, after baby cereal, so I decided this was ok.  He handled the carrots ok and has now been eating carrot baby food.  He is getting much better at eating the food and will now eat several bites at once.  He seems to be liking it, and we are thinking about trying a new food once we are sure he will not have a bad reaction.


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