Autism questions

So a while back in one of my classes we were all asked this questions, “if you could ask someone with autism anything, what would it be?”  Since I was diagnosed with autism I was given the questions and answered them.  One of the things I have become involved in since getting my diagnosis is trying to help others become more aware of autism and gain more understanding of it, so I thought I would answer some of the questions on here.  Before I do I want to say that I am just one person with high functioning autism.  I am answering these questions from my experiences, others would probably answer them differently.  Everyone with autism is different, just like every person without autism is different.  I heard a quote once that said, “If you know one person with autism, you know one person with autism.”  Please remember that.

Q: What does sensory overload feel like?  What is on your mind when it is happening?

A: This is hard for me to answer.  There are different levels for me.  Sometimes it is just a little anxious feeling.  I will feel distracted, can’t stay still, can’t concentrate, and can’t understand anything that is going on around me.  Sometimes it feels like a migraine (yes, sensory overload can cause physical pain).  Any sound, light, or movement will hurt my head.  When I am in really bad sensory overload it is hard to think.  I feel really, really anxious, and like I need to escape.  I do not feel completely in control anymore, the need to make it stop takes over.  I do not scream or hit things, I still have enough control over myself not to do that, but I will cover my ears, say “no” when anyone says anything, and try to get away.  Usually I try not to let it get this bad.  If I start getting overloaded, such as when I start getting a migraine or the distracted, anxious feeling I try to find some way of calming myself down, such as going someplace quiet for a moment or engaging in a calming, repetitive activity (stimming) like rubbing the thumb of one hand back and forth over the palm of my other hand.


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