Graduation options

So I talked to my counselor and I have a few options as far as graduating college goes.  Because we are moving this month finishing my classes at college here is no longer an option.  So what I can do is graduate right now with a general studies degree, without having to take anymore classes, or I can take the last three classes I need at a college down in Utah, get them transferred to my university up here, and then do student teaching through this university at an elementary school down in Utah.  I guess I could also transfer to a college down in Utah and finish my degree down there.  With my first option I would have a four year degree without having to do anything else, just apply for graduation and I am set.  The down side would be that it wouldn’t be the degree I was going for, and the only career options it would open for me are jobs that say you just need a degree, it doesn’t matter which one.  Now, I don’t really plan on having a career, I want to be a stay at home mom, but there is always the possibility that I might need a good job someday.  I don’t really like the option of just transferring to a college in Utah.  None of the college around have my exact degree, because Utah does not offer special education certification from birth-3rd grade, so I would have to drop the special education part of my degree, which is the part I am most likely to use if I ever needed to get a job.  My last option is the most complicated, but if I want to finish my degree it will be best.  There are colleges around where I will be that offer the classes that I need, and then if  transfer those classes back up to my university my advisor said they can set me up with a school near where I am living, and I could even do a couple of semester’s worth of half days instead of one semester of full days.  The biggest down side to this is that it will be more money and it will take a while.  I would finish college in about a year and a half if I go with this route.  Kaanas and I are trying to make a decision on what would be best, as well as a decision on his schooling.


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