Moving to Utah?

Kaanas and I might be moving to Utah.  On our way to Utah to visit a week ago we started talking about what the next step was for us and where we want to end up.  We feel like Kaanas needs to finish college, so we started talking about a college down in Utah near his grandparents.  When we mentioned this to Kaanas’s grandfather he immediately offered to let us stay with him.  We talked about it and decided it might be good for a number of reasons.

  1. We need more space than we have right now.  We are currently living in a one bedroom apartment, which is working, but pretty soon we are going to want to move Mingli out of our bedroom, and when that happens we will need to move.  Kaanas’s grandfather has a four bedroom house that he lives in by himself, with a yard that Mingli can play in (another thing we do not have now).
  2. It would help us financially.  We really want to save money for things like a down payment on a house or another car (ours will not last much longer), but right now we are barely managing to put any money away.  We would still be paying rent to Mingli’s grandfather, but much less than we would be paying anywhere else, and for a much nicer place than we could otherwise afford.
  3. Kaanas’s grandfather is lonely.  His wife has Alzheimer’s and is in a nursing home.  He goes to see her every day, but she doesn’t really recognize him.  He is not doing well emotionally and is really excited about having people around to keep him company.
  4. It would be a better environment for me.  Right now I feel kind of trapped.  I live in a basement apartment with no natural light and very little space.  I do not regularly see adults other than Kaanas.  I have dealt with depression since I was 15 or 16, and I know this is not a good environment for me to be in long term.  Having windows to let light in, and a yard that Mingli and I can go sit in every day would help me a lot.
  5. It would be a good place for Mingli.  Kaanas’s grandfather showed us around his neighborhood, and there are like four parks within walking distance.  In the spring I could take Mingli to the park everyday.
  6. We would be near family, both mine and Kaanas’s.
  7. We would have access to another car.  Kaanas’s grandfather has three cars, and he only needs one, so he said we could use one of his.  This would be nice because, like I said, we do not think ours will last much longer.  Having access to another means Kaanas will not be stranded without a car and no way to get to work.  It also means that I can go places while Kaanas is at work, like the store, library, or a park further away.
  8. We would have access to a washer and dryer in the house.

Some of these benefits we could get anywhere, but some are unique to living with Kaanas’s grandfather.  This week we are hoping to get things worked out with Kaanas’s work and with my school, then we will figure out when we are going.


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