Trip to Utah

Kaanas and I have been wanting to take a trip down to Utah to visit family for a long time now, and this week we did.

Kaanas had Sunday and Monday off work, so Sunday we drove down and visited his grandparents (mother’s mom and stepdad).  These were the grandparents we have been wanting to visit for a long time, because Kaanas’s grandmother has Alzheimer’s and we have no idea how much longer she is going to be alive.  She didn’t really know who we were, but she loved holding and playing with Mingli, so that was really fun.  I also got some great pictures of her and Mingli.

Monday we went to visit another set of Kaanas’s grandparents (dad’s mom and stepdad).  We did not stay there as along because having visitors is difficult for them, but it was really nice to see them and introduce Mingli.  Then we drove to my aunt’s house.  Wednesday my brother entered the MTC (missionary training center) to begin a two year mission for our church and I wanted to see him off, so Kaanas dropped me off at my aunt’s house and drove back home.

Tuesday we got my brother, Weylin, from the airport, then we went to lunch with Anais, my new sister in law.  It was really fun to all hang out together and get to know Anais a bit better.  She really is a nice girl, and I hope her and Roark are happy together.

Wednesday morning we dropped Weylin off at the MTC after taking a lot of pictures.  I didn’t think I would get emotional dropping him off, but I almost started crying.  I hope he has a great mission, and I can’t wait to hear about what he is doing.

It was a great trip, but I was really glad to get back home to Kaanas.  Since Kaanas left Tuesday morning and I took the bus back home Wednesday night, we actually saw each other every day, but it still felt like forever.


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