Day shift and overtime

When Kaanas got his job at Walmart he was hired for the night shift.  At first it was not so bad, but it has really been wearing on him.  He does not sleep as well during the day, so he was tired all the time, even when he had slept a full 8 hours.  He was also constantly having to go back and forth between sleeping during the day and sleeping at night, because on his days off he did not want to stay up all night.  And it was hard on us because not only could I not talk to him and be with him during the day because he was sleeping, but we didn’t get to sleep together at night either, so it felt like he was actually gone twice as much as he was.  So for the past few months Kaanas has been trying to switch to day shift, and finally this week was his first week on days.  He is doing a more physically demanding job, unloading the trucks, but we were hoping it would be better.  In a lot of ways it is, but they have had him stay late three days this week already.  Twice until after 1 a.m. (he is supposed to work from 2-11 p.m.) and once until almost 2:30 a.m.  Getting the overtime is nice, but Kaanas is so exhausted when he gets home.  Hopefully things get organized better so he is not having to stay so late so often, or maybe they will just hire more people.  In the meantime the extra pay from the overtime can go into saving.


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