Educating my baby

Kaanas and I were talking about Mingli and some of the educational activities I want to do with him when he is older (right now the plan is to homeshool him) and Kaanas made the comment that Mingli is too young to do educational things right now.  As an early childhood education major who knows the importance of stimulating a child’s mind from very early on, I couldn’t let that comment stand.  So here are some of the ways I help Mingli learn, even at his young age.

  • We read books every day.  True, Mingli is too young to have much interest in books yet, but he can begin to have positive feelings towards them.  For many children their love of books starts when they begin to associate books with sitting in mommy or daddy’s lap and getting their complete attention.
  • I make sure some of the books I read to Mingli have rhymes.  A very important skill in learning to read is phonological awareness (the ability to hear and manipulate sounds and words).  Rhyming helps children develop phonological awareness, even from a young age.
  • We go for walks a few times a week.  This gets Mingli into a new environment with new things to see and new sounds to listen to.
  • When Mingli does tummy time I try and put him on blankets that have different textures.  This gives him different things to feel and different kinds of sensory stimulation.
  • I talk to him a lot.  When I am folding clothes, giving him a bath, or doing other activities I narrate what I am doing.  He does not yet understand what I am saying, but that will come the more he listens to me.

These are just a few of the learning activities we engage in throughout the day.  The most important things I do for his learning now, though, are to make sure he feel safe, secure, and loved so he will have the freedom to explore and learn as he gets older, and trying to make learning a fun and positive experience.


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