Went to church

Kaanas and I have been struggling with going to church lately.  When I was pregnant most days I genuinely couldn’t, either because I was too nauseous or I was in too much pain, and Kaanas didn’t like leaving me home when I was so sick.  Now though we have gotten into a habit of not going, and it is hard.  After months of going only once or twice a month, and then usually not being able to stay for the whole thing when we did go, it now seems more acceptable to say we are too tired and will just go next week.  The thing is that it is now worse than when I was pregnant.  At least when I was pregnant we would go if there was any possible way, and then not leave until I absolutely couldn’t take it anymore.  Kaanas and I have talked about it and we decided that we really need to be going unless we really cannot.  So today even though we were really tired getting up, and had to be late because as we were walking out the door Mingli threw up and needed to be cleaned up and changed, we went and stayed for the whole thing.  It felt really nice to be there, it always does.


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