Kaanas’s family wanted to go camping with us this weekend, so we went last night. It was Mingli’s first camping trip, and it didn’t really go well.

I was planning on packing all of Mingli’s things in the diaper bag, but there was too much I wanted to bring for it all to fit so some of it went in with me and Kaanas’s stuff. Mingli has thrown up three times in one day before, and even though that is very rare I wanted to pack enough for the worst case scenario, so I packed extra long and short sleeved onsies, a t-shirt in case it got hot, two sleepers, several blankets to use to clean him up with, and of course the usual things like diapers. It turns out it was a good thing I packed to much to fit in his diaper bag, because we forgot the diaper bag. We ended up with diapers, wipes, his wearable blanket, a jacket, one onsie, and two small receiving blankets. Luckily he didn’t need his clothes changed while we were there. I was also really worried about him getting too cold at night because we did not have his thick blankets to swaddle him inside his wearable blanket and having to bring him into the sleeping bag with me instead of having him sleep in his car seat like I had planned. I did not want him in my sleeping bag, because having him zipped in a huge blanket seemed like a good way to smother him, but I couldn’t let him freeze all night either. Luckily with his jacket, wearable blanket, and the two receiving blankets he stayed warm enough, so he was able to be in his car seat all night.

Mingli also hated camping. The wind was blowing really hard, and no matter what we did it seemed to get in his face. Because of the wind he had trouble sleeping, so it was like an hour and a half after his usual bedtime before he was actually asleep, which was hard on him. By the time he went to sleep he was so worked up and had been crying for a while. I think the new environment and so many people also over stimulated him a bit. There have been a few times when too much excitement has made him really upset, so I think I need to start being more careful of that.

On the plus side, Mingli was tired enough that he went to bed at 9:30 and did not want up again until 5. That is almost 8 hours of sleep, which was so nice. I don’t expect him to do that every night, but maybe he will start doing that every once in a while. He already only wakes up once between when I go to bed and 7 in the morning.


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