Bringing dinner to a friend

One of the women at my church isn’t feeling well, so I was asked to bring her dinner tonight.  I was kind of excited for this, because after Mingli was born my church was wonderful and brought my family dinner, and this was going to be my first chance to be able to do this for someone else.  The dinner I had planned was simple, just a chicken, rice, and broccoli dish, but one of our favorites.  Everything was going well and it seemed like it was going to be done just in time for me to get it to them hot at 5:30, which was when they had asked for it.  The last step was to put the whole thing in the oven to brown the Ritz cracker topping, and it just takes a few minutes.  While I was doing that I was getting ready to go, and I left it in the oven for just a little to long.  When I went to get it out it was more cooked than I felt like I could give to someone else.  I would have eaten it, but I could not bring it to another family and have it be their dinner.  It was also 5:15, and we needed to be going in the next 10 minutes.  So I quickly got a spoon and took off all the topping, threw together a new topping, and put it back in the oven.  This time I watched it more carefully.  It was ready just in time for me to throw it in the bottom of our stroller and head out two minutes after when I was wanting to leave.  When I got back I felt so frazzled, and I was glad that Mingli was ready to eat and then take a nap, because cuddling him in the rocking chair helped me unwind.


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