Protecting my baby

Before Mingli was born I thought I would take care of him, protect him, and now let anyone hurt him.  Now I am realizing how often protecting and taking care of him involves letting people hurt him, and I don’t like it.

Today Mingli got his first vaccination.  I have been dreading it, because I hate my baby being hurt, but, like I said, I am realizing that sometimes protecting Mingli means allowing him to be hurt in a small way temporarily.  When Mingli got his vaccines he of course began screaming, which almost broke my heart.  I was glad he was only getting one actual injection today ( we choose to do a delayed schedule because of a genetic disorder that has been diagnosed in my family), because I am not sure I could have handled Mingli having to get a second or third injection.

I never thought I would get my children vaccinated, it was something I grew up thinking did more harm than good.  Then I watched my siblings get whooping cough.  They were so sick, and I never wanted my own children to have to deal with that.  So today I took my son to the doctor and let them hurt him.  It broke my heart, but, just like with the heel sticks he had to deal with earlier in life, I knew that this little bit of pain could help prevent a lot of pain in the future.

*Note: I do not think parents who choose not to get their children vaccinated, as long as they have done their research, are bad parents.  I grew up in a family that did not do vaccinations after the first couple of kids, and my parents were wonderful parents who wanted to do what was best for us, they just happened to believe that not vaccinating us was best for us.  I believe that either vaccinating or not vaccinating has risks and benefits (yes, vaccinations can have side effects, like anything else we do to our bodies), but from my experience with and research on vaccinations I believe the benefits outweigh the risks.


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