Mingli’s play mat

A few weeks ago my mom called and said she wanted to buy some toys for Mingli and asked what we needed (as the first grandchild on both sides, Mingli gets spoiled).  I told her that I really wanted a play mat for him.  It arrived this week, and Mingli loves it.  I put him down on it and he will stare intently up at the toys while kicking and making excited sounds.  It is so nice that now he can be entertained while I am going other things.  I don’t put him on this play mat every time he wants to play, most of the time I still give him my attention, read him stories, stuff like that, but when he is awake and I am busy I like that he is actually being stimulated by the toys instead of just laying in his car seat.  This play mat is also nice because, in addition to the toys hanging from arches above Mingli, it has a mirror attached to one of the sides, it lights up and plays music, and on the mat it has different textures and things for him to play with when he is on his tummy.  The hanging toys also can be switched so if/when he gets bored with them we just have to change them.  Right now all he is interested in are the hanging toys, but as he gets older the other things will be a lot of fun.


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