Sleeping in a crib

When Mingli was born we set up his crib right next to our bed so I could have him right next to me but he could still be in his own bed.  I thought this would be perfect.  The first night we were home I had a little bit of trouble laying Mingli down in his crib.  It took a few times of laying him down, having him wake up, gently patting his chest and shoulder, then picking him back up and getting him back to sleep because he was crying, before he finally stayed asleep.  This was fine, until it was two in the morning and I discovered that if I laid Mingli down beside me in bed he would go right to sleep cuddled next to me.  He didn’t even have to be asleep when I laid him down, if he was beside me he just laid there quietly and fell asleep.  For a tired mama this was wonderful, and honestly I loved having him next to me, especially since my husband works nights so most of the time I am alone in the bed.

Yesterday Kaanas and I decided to try and get Mingli to sleep in his crib.  I expected it to be a bit of a struggle.  I have heard about the difficulties of transitioning a baby from co-sleeping to sleeping on his own, so I was not expecting what happened.  I fed Mingli, held him until he was a little more asleep, then went to lay him down.  When I laid him down he of course woke up, and I almost picked him back up, but instead I sat on the bed and watched him.  He tossed his head from side to side for a moment (without making any noise), then laid still.  After a few seconds of laying still he began tossing his head again.  This repeated a few times, and each time his periods of movement got shorter and his periods of laying still got longer, until he finally stopped moving for good.  He slept in his crib without protesting until his last feeding, when I fell asleep nursing him while laying on my side, so that was my fault.  He woke up at his normal feeding times, then went easily right back into his crib every other time.  Tonight putting him to bed was even easier, with just two short periods of him moving around before he fell asleep.  I am kind of amazed.  I can’t believe how easily he is letting us do this.  He is still sleeping with his crib right next to me, so I can see, hear, and touch him anytime during the night, but Kaanas and I have our bed back.  On nights when Kaanas is at work Mingli may still end up in bed with me, but when Kaanas is home we can have our bed.


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