Little things about Mingli

Lately I have been reading to Mingli.  He does not really seem interested in the books, but he loves me talking to him.  Two of my favorite books are written from the perspective of a parent, and are the parent telling their child how they love them for all of unique about them.  I was reading these books to Mingli, and looking down at him I loved him so much.  I thought about all the unique things about Mingli that I love.

Mingli likes to wake up around 7 in the morning, and I like to wake up around 9 or 10.  I usually fight getting up, and try to just talk to Mingli or pat him on the back and hope that he will go to sleep.  This never works, so finally I get up and Mingli throws his arms out wide, grins, and gives me his “I’m awake mommy!” look.  Despite not wanting to be out of bed, that look always makes me smile.

When I hold Mingli, he likes to reach up and grab the collar of my shirt.  He does this almost every time I hold him, and when we are laying next to each other in bed.

Mingli has started sticking his tongue out and grinning.  This always makes me laugh.

When Mingli is sleeping and I pick him up, or move while holding him, and he wakes up he will give me the grumpiest look.

I love when I am nursing Mingli and he just stares into my eyes the whole time.

I love the way he calms down when I pick him up.

I love everything about him.

These are some things I hope to never forget.


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