Trying something new

So my last post was about Mingli’s nighttime sleeping patterns.  He is in a pretty regular sleeping pattern, waking up at about the same time every night to be fed, and about the same time each morning.  Lately, though, we have been having problems with his daytime sleeping patterns.  Mingli does not take naps unless I am holding him, and that has been causing problems because I have things I need to do during the day, like shower, eat, and wash the dishes that keep piling up.  I cannot stand to let him cry, like I have heard it suggested doing to teach him to sleep by himself.  There have been times we have been driving when I couldn’t pick him up to stop him from crying and I have cried the whole way home until I could get him out of his car seat.  So I am trying something new.  I am rocking him to sleep, and then when he is good and asleep I lay him down in his car seat.  When he wakes up, which he always does, I gently rock his car seat and hum to him until he either goes back to sleep or is calm and relaxed enough that I think he will go back to sleep.  Every time he wakes up and fusses for more than I few seconds I go and rock him again.  So far it seems to be working, but we will have to see.  I am also thinking that the car seat might be nice for him to sleep in because with his reflux he can breathe better when he is more upright.


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