So Mingli has always been a good sleeper.  For the past few weeks we have had a nice sleep routine down.  Kaanas goes to work at 10 at night, so after he leaves I feed Mingli and then we go lay down and go to sleep.  Mingli will wake up to eat at about 1 and again about 4.  He sleeps really soundly, and as soon as he has eaten we lay back down and he goes right back to sleep.  Then Kaanas gets him a little after 7 in the morning and lights get turned on and Kaanas and I start talking, and Mingli decides it is time to be up.  Well, last night Mingli’s sleep was different.  He decided to only wake up once.  I was supper excited when I realized that between 10 and 6 Mingli had only woken up to be fed once.  Yes, he woke up a little bit earlier, but I was ok with that if it meant more hours of uninterrupted sleep.  I don’t know if this will continue, but it would be really nice if it did.


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