Self soothing

I have never believed in letting babies cry.  I don’t think parents who choose to do it are bad parents, it is just not something I ever wanted to do with my children.  Kaanas and I have talked about this and he was worried about Mingli learning how to self sooth, but we decided not to leave Mingli crying without picking him up and trying to calm him.  Well, I have realized that Mingli is learning how to self sooth anyways.  He has started sucking on his hand to calm himself down when he is upset.  I feel a little disproportionately proud of this.  I mean, it is only sucking on his hand, not a big deal, but I feel like he has just won the Olympics.  Of course, I have felt this way with everything he has done.  Regaining his birth weight, holding his head up, smiling, rolling onto his side, sleeping for five hours, all of these things have created this intense pride.  I am irrationally convinced that my baby is the best, most perfect baby that has ever lived, and everything he does, no matter how small, just confirms it.  So it may be small, but sucking on his hand is Mingli’s very first self soothing behavior, and I am so proud of it.


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