Toys for Mingli

Before Mingli was born one of Kaanas’s aunts gave us a bunch of baby toys her kids had outgrown.  They have been in a box in our storage closet, but today I got them out.  Mingli has been awake more during the day, and I have started wondering if he has been getting bored, so I got some spray disinfectant to clean off some of the toys (since they are hand-me-down toys that have been in storage both at my house and at Kaanas’s aunt’s house), and tried to play with Mingli.  I showed him colorful toys that made noise when you shook them, or lit up when you pressed a button, and imagined Mingli’s eyes getting big and him kicking and trying to grab the toy like I remembered with my little siblings.  Instead he turned away and started crying, so I took him to the rocking chair and just held him.  He snuggled close to me and calmed down, then went to sleep.  I will keep offering him toys, but maybe some of the less overwhelming one, and maybe not right before bed and night when he is sleepy.


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