Family visit

Kaanas’s family stopped by for a visit yesterday.  They live three hours away and stopped here on their way from picking Morwyn, Kaanas’s sister, up from college for her summer break.  It was nice to get to see them, although I always get overwhelmed having so many people here.  I am very much an introvert, and after a few hours I was kind of glad when Mingli needed to nurse and I was able to go shut myself in the bedroom for a little while to feed him.  That being said, I love my in-laws.  They are loud and overwhelming sometimes, but so is my family.  Ever since the first time Kaanas took me to visit his family we have gotten along.  I am grateful for this, because neither of my parents get along with their in-laws very well.  I am glad I have a mother in law that I can call when I have questions about Mingli (usually I call my own mom, but sometimes my mother in law has had more relevant experiences, or my mom is not answering her phone).  I have sister in laws that I can hang out with, and a father in law who is always willing to help.  And the best part is that they all love Mingli.  I am so glad that Mingli will have grandparents, aunts, and uncles on both sides who love him and want to be a part of his life.  I was very lucky in the in laws I got, but of course with my husband being the amazing man he is, it makes sense he would come from an amazing family (not always true, but it often is).


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