I love you more

Becoming a mother has not been easy.  The pregnancy and birth were hard, and since Mingli has been born it has been overwhelming and stressful.  Mingli takes so much of my time, night and day.  A few weeks ago Mingli had woken up hungry during the night, again, and I was so tired.  I wanted to cry, and I wanted to roll over and go back to sleep and just ignore Mingli.  Then I realized what I was doing, what I was thinking.  I looked down at my baby, my precious baby, and whispered “I love you more.”  For the past few weeks I have been reminding myself of that when I get overwhelmed.  I love Mingli more than sleep.  I love him more than having a clean house.  I love him more than being able to go out when I want.  I love Mingli more than the life I had, more than my own convenience, more than anything.  Despite the stress of taking care of a baby, I am so much happier having Mingli, and I love him so much.


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