Cleaning routines

I have learned over the years that I am a lists and routines person.  I need written lists to keep myself organized or I go crazy.  When I got married I decided I needed a cleaning schedule so I could keep on top of the housework.  I spent quite a bit of time making a list of everything that needed to be done, how often it needed to be done, then making a rotating weekly schedule telling me exactly what to do on each day, including daily, weekly, and monthly chores.  I soon discovered that the problem with a schedule like that was that some days were busier than other days, and if I had an unusually busy day and wasn’t able to get everything done for the day then I had to all the work that I had missed the next day, as well as the next day’s work.  I still thought I could make it work, until I became pregnant.  I had a very difficult pregnancy and most days I felt good if I was able to be up long enough to unload the dishwasher.  Kaanas had to take over pretty much all of the housework, which I felt really bad about because he also worked almost full time on the night shift.  Towards the end of my pregnancy I began looking for another way to set up a routine for cleaning.  I found a todo app that, instead of just having repeating tasks that are due on the same day of the week, month, or year, has repeating tasks that are due a week, month, or year from the last time they have been completed.  So if I have a task that is supposed to be done once a week, but Mingli gets sick and it takes me a couple of extra days to do it, it will move back the next due date as well.  For me this takes some of the stress away and adds some flexibility.  Now that I am feeling mostly recovered from Mingli’s birth I am trying to use this app to organize my housework.  I am hoping to do all of my daily tasks at night before I go to bed, and in the mornings work on some of the tasks that are not done everyday, like cleaning the oven.  Hopefully this will help me keep up with things better and will give me the flexibility I need with a baby.


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