Rough night

I am pretty lucky as far as sleeping at night goes.  Sometimes it doesn’t feel like it, but I know I am.  Since Mingli was a couple of weeks old he has been sleeping four or five hours at a time at night, which is really nice.  Last night was a hard night, though.  Mingli did not want to go to sleep, which is unusual.  He also woke up frequently, and again wouldn’t go back to sleep once he woke up.  Finally at five in the morning I decided to just stay up in the rocking chair with him, because we had already been up for an hour and he wouldn’t sleep unless I was rocking him.  I realized that I had had a sore throat all day the day before, and if it is because of a cold or something he might be feeling bad, too.  I hate thinking that he might not be feeling well, especially since all the things I do to help my throat feel better, like eating soap or drinking ice water, I can’t do with him.  Hopefully we both feel better soon, and hopefully we both sleep better tonight.


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