Constant struggle

I’ve decided that one of the hardest parts of nursing is making sure I get enough to eat and drink.  The first little while after bringing Mingli home I was so dizzy all the time, and then we realized it was because I was hardly eating and drinking.  I have been trying to do better, because I know that it not only effects me, it also effects Mingli, but it is hard sometimes.  The other day Mingli was having a hard morning.  I had fed him, then he threw up on both of us (actually threw up, not spit up, our doctor thinks he has reflux problems), so he needed a bath, then I needed a shower, then I had to keep him distracted until it had been long enough since throwing up that he could eat again, then I had to feed him a little bit at a time so he could keep it down.  I got so focused on taking care of him that it was about 2 in the afternoon before I realized I hadn’t had anything to drink and had only had a few chips to eat.  The same kind of thing happens all the time.  Mingli needs me to take care of him, and I focus all of my energy on him until I get so dizzy from dehydration I can barely stand.  I have started trying to drink a cup of water every time Mingli needs to eat, which helps a lot when I remember to do it, because it is at least 8 cups of water a day, plus anything I drink between feedings, but sometimes I forget.  I am starting to learn that finding balance as a mom between everything I need to do can be a constant struggle sometimes.


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  1. Ina Library
    Jun 30, 2015 @ 12:04:46

    Great post, Mama! Remembering to eat while nursing is SO CHALLENGING AT FIRST but it gets better! You definitely need to take care of yourself!! I have lots of experience with nursing (my son is almost 14 mos and I am still nursing… I also worked FT and pumped every day, so he never had formula)… You can always email me!! I love supporting other moms out there. 🙂 congratulations on the bundle of joy and get plenty of rest! Don’t stress and give constant kisses to your baby. Those are sure fire ways to keep up your supply and get through the hard times 🙂


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