Out of school

Last semester was supposed to be my last semester of college before my student teaching.  I did not expect to get pregnant so soon, and when I did I thought I could still handle it.  I was wrong.  I know many, many people who have gone to school just fine while they were pregnant, including my mom, but for me it was too hard.  This made me feel a little like a failure.  My husband reminded me that my pregnancy was different that many other people’s.  I had been in the hospital, I was throwing up multiple times every day, and some days I could not even sit up without throwing up.  I know there are others who have it even more difficult than I have, but for me the stress of pregnancy and the stress of school was too much.  I thought I could pick back up my classes this semester, because I would be in the second trimester, which is supposed to be easier, and it has, but it has still been hard.  Every time I went to class I would get so sick.  Finally one of my teachers suggested that I go ahead and withdraw from this semester and start again after the baby.  After talking to Kaanas and some other teachers I trust I finally decided that was best.  I also talked to the teacher that I tutor for and he has found another tutor.  Wednesday was my last day going to school and I am so relieved.  Wednesday was also a confirmation that this is best.  I spent a few hours on campus, sitting down almost the entire time, and by the time I was ready to go home I nearly had to have someone drive me because I was so sick.  When I got home I couldn’t hardly stand.  I was dizzy, nauseous, everything felt heavy, and my eyes were having trouble focusing.  I ate something, then laid down went to sleep at about 7.  At 10 p.m. I woke up again, ate something else, then watched a show with Kaanas.  I fell asleep again around midnight and slept until 2 in the afternoon.  Even at that point it was difficult for me to get up.  I still felt nauseous and a little bit dizzy, and I had to spend almost the entire day in bed.  I do not want to keep pushing myself like this and putting this kind of stress on my body.  I am relieved that I can relax now.  When I am at home more I can rest whenever I need to and I start feeling better.  I am so glad that I have an understanding, supportive husband who is willing to be flexible about my school and our changing plans.  I am also grateful for understanding teachers who are helping me work my school around this pregnancy and my health problems.


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  1. mommahen
    Feb 15, 2015 @ 21:33:22

    Oh my gosh you are definitely not alone, and I haven’t even gone through any of the hospital experiences that you did. I’m only two weeks into my last semester and I’m really questioning if it’s going to be the right choice for me to try and finish. I only have three more courses, all night classes, but it’s SO hard for me to balance with work (I’ve been late more in the last two weeks than I have my entire career) and I’m having a lot of trouble focusing on my assignments that I should be able to understand with no problem. On top of that, I’m due TWO weeks after finals/graduation week, and that’s my second due date that I was given. I get anxiety just thinking about it! You are definitely making the best choice for you and your baby, school will always be there, yours and your baby’s health is important!


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