Ultrasounds and moving

Kaanas and I have recently moved to a new apartment.  The apartment did not have internet, and it has taken us a while to get it hooked up.  We finally have it, and it is so nice.  We can check our bank accounts, pay bills, look up directions, and other things like that without having to drive down to the nearest fast food restaurant with wifi.  Plus, I can look at baby stuff on pintrest and play on facebook.

Yesterday I had an ultrasound and we found out we are having a little boy!!!  I am so excited.  I can’t even believe how much I love this little boy.  He has changed my whole like, and I haven’t even held him yet.  I have begun to feel him move, and he moves quite a bit.  I love feeling him move, knowing that he is there and ok.  It feels so funny that next week I will be 20 weeks, halfway through this pregnancy.  In some ways it feels like it is taking forever, but in other ways it feels like it is going by fast.  I can’t wait until I have my body back.

We have moved to a new city, close by, but it is cheaper here.  I like our apartment here better in some ways, and not as much in others.  The kitchen and bathroom are a little smaller, but the master bedroom is quite a bit bigger.  That was important to me because I want the baby in our room when it is born, so now we have room for a crib, dresser, and changing table.


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