Bit of a rough week, but a lot of good

It’s been a little bit of a rough week.  My morning sickness had been getting a little better, but it has gotten worse again.  I was a little dehydrated (probably because the main thing I had been able to keep down was ginger ale), but doing ok until Tuesday.  On Tuesday the nausea got bad enough that I could not keep down anything, including liquids or my nausea medication.  Things escalated fast once I started throwing up my medication, and we almost had to go to the emergency room again.  Finally Kanaas suggested a warm bath.  That helped with the nausea just enough that I could keep down about 8 oz of fluid, sipped slowly over about an hour and a half, and my sleeping medication.  We had hoped that in the morning I would be less nauseous and could keep more down, and I was less nauseous, but I also felt so weak that I couldn’t manage more than a few sips of ginger ale and a couple of small bits of the chicken patty my husband made.  Then when I stood up I felt dizzy enough that I thought I might pass out.  So off we went to the doctor’s office (at least it was the doctor’s office and not the hospital this time).  They got me started on an IV, which they injected with two different kinds of nausea medications, then gave me a pillow and blanket, turned off the lights, and let me sleep, which was really nice because I had no energy and sleeping was all I really wanted.  Sometime around the end of the first bag of fluids, when they came back in to check on me, I began to feel better.  I wasn’t quite so dizzy, and I had a little more energy.  By the end of the second bag of fluids I could walk around without Kanaas having to support me.  They have also changed my medication to a kind that dissolves in your mouth.  It is designed especially for people who cannot keep their medication down for long enough for it to take effect.

Despite having to go to the doctor for fluids again, it has been a pretty good week.  For one of my classes I have a kindergarten that I help teach at two days a week.  This week my teacher had to be gone for a day, so I was the sub.  This was the first time I have ever been completely in charge of a classroom all day.  It was a little bit terrifying, but at the same time exciting.

My birthday was on Monday.  It was a pretty laid back down, I mainly just rested, but Kanaas took me out for dinner at our favorite restaurant.  I love it when Kanaas take me out.  He really does spoil me.

For my birthday my parents gave me money to buy maternity clothes.  I don’t really need them yet, but with the nausea anytime anything puts pressure on my stomach it is really uncomfortable, so I bought some maternity jeans and skirts and have been wearing them.  It is so nice to have sometime that is not tight around me stomach, it has made me so much more comfortable.


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