Thanksgiving and in-laws

This year will be my first year hosting a Thanksgiving dinner.  Because Kaanas works retail, he has to work Thanksgiving night for Black Friday, so we cannot go anywhere.  Luckily he has family that lives about three and a half hours from us, so they are coming here.  I am a little nervous, because my apartment is small, and Kaanas has 7 brothers and sisters, plus his parents, but we will make it work.  It also worries me a little that I will probably not be able to do that much cooking, since the morning sickness is sometimes still bad enough that without medication I cannot keep down fluids, and I have started having abdominal pain that, at its worsts, can make it so I can’t move, but Kaanas’s family is coming tomorrow to help cook.  This is the first grandbaby and niece/nephew, so everyone is excited enough that they don’t mind helping as much as I need it.  We also have a second place to cook, which will be good if some of the smells start bothering me.  I am really glad I have such great in-laws.  From the first time I met them, they have treated me like part of their family (by that time, they were pretty sure I would eventually become part of their family).  I have not only been adopted by my husband’s immediate family, but also his extended family.  I am now good friends with several of his aunts and cousins, and his grandparents treat me like a grandchild.  I have heard horror stories about in-laws, but mine are becoming like family to me.


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