My favorite part of being pregnant

I’ve decided my favorite part of being pregnant is getting ultrasounds.  I’ve had a hard time with this pregnancy.  I’ve told some people that being pregnant is hard, and they have told me it will also be hard when I actually have the baby and am staying up at night with it, taking care of it when it is sick, and doing everything else that taking care of a baby requires.  I realized the difference is that when I have the baby, and can hold it, see it smile, it will be worth it.  Right now I am waiting for it to be worth it in another seven and a half months.  Right now it is just hard.  Yesterday I realized that one of the amazing things about ultrasounds is that they are one of the things that make it worth it right now.  I can see my baby, hear its heartbeat, see it moving (it is still too early to feel it), and everything I have been doing for the past few weeks feels worth it.  My doctor said my baby looks perfect, just how it is supposed to at this stage, and I can’t even explain how that felt.  I love this baby so much.


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