Me in a nutshell

I am Earthea.  I grew up basically everywhere, at least everywhere in the United States.  My family has moved around a lot for my dad’s job, so I have lived in 18 different states in my 24 years.  In some ways I have liked moving, and in some ways I haven’t.  It has been wonderful to see so much of the country, and I have learned to find beauty everywhere.  It has also been difficult leaving so many people and places that I have loved.

I am the oldest of nine children.  Just below me is my brother, Xebel.  He is 23 and has recently joined the air national guard.  Ovin, 22, is next.  He got off a mission for our church last year, and now he is working to save money for college, which he is starting in January.  Sindla is 20 and has been in college for about two years, but keeps switching her major.  She is trying to decide what she wants to do for the rest of her life, and that is a hard decision.  Zolyn is 17 and has been working to save up for a mission.  He can go next year and is really excited.  Nithian is 16 and is mostly just hanging out at home.  He has talked about getting a job at scout camp over the summer like Xebel and Zolyn did at his age, and I think he would enjoy that.  Fiera is 12 and she is starting to think of herself as a teenager, a little lady instead of a child.  Aalia is 11 and she has always been one of the most mature little children I have ever seen.  Kalel is 9 and he is all little boy.  He loves climbing, bugs, dirt, and talks about going hunting all the time, even though he has never been.

I am a member of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  My religion has brought so much peace and comfort to my life.  I am so grateful to have it.

I am currently attending college in Idaho.  I love it here, even though it is absolutely freezing.  I am trying to become a teacher.  I love teaching, and it brings me so much joy.  A lot of people think it is kind of ironic that I want to be a teacher, since I was homeschooled and am a pretty big advocate of homeschooling, but I am not against public school.  I think every child and every family is different, so we need different options to meet the needs of different children and families.  Homeschool and public school are both options, as well as many other choices.

Last summer I met one of the most amazing men I have ever met.  Kaanas was my roommate’s friend’s roommate.  They thought we would like each other, so they arranged for our apartments to have a movie night together.  The first night we didn’t really talk much, but the next day was the 4th of July.  Our apartments shot off fireworks together in their parking lot, but I wanted to go see the city fireworks.  I had asked a few people, and no one really wanted to go with me, so I had resigned myself to not seeing them that year, when Kaanas found out I wanted to see them and said he would go with me.  We didn’t have time to drive down, so we walked onto campus and found a place where we could sit and see them.  We talked for a few hours that night, and after that we started going out.  It only took a few weeks for Kaanas to decide he wanted to marry me, but it took longer for me.  I had been kind of engaged before (for like 3 days), and that didn’t work, so I was hesitant to rush into anything.  We kept talking on the phone after I went home for the summer, and when I came back for the fall we started seeing each other a lot.  By then I would start having moments when I could see myself married to him, and the more I got to know him the more I began thinking it could really happen.  These moments kept getting more and more frequent, until I realized that I really did want to marry him.  He proposed in February and we were married in August.  The last three months have been amazing.  He makes me so happy.

A few weeks ago my life changed again.  I started feeling a little funny at the beginning of the week.  My appetite and emotions were a little off, and I was more tired than usual, then the nausea started.  At the end of the week I took a pregnancy test, and it came back positive.  Kaanas and I were ecstatic.  He is the oldest of 8 and I am the oldest of 9, and we both really want to be parents.  It has been a really hard pregnancy, and I’ve ended up in the hospital because I couldn’t keep enough down, but things are getting better.

Well, that is mostly it for me.


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